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Time Management



  • Receiving and cross docking
  • Inventory control
  • Work-in-process tracking
  • Lifetime product identification and security marking
  • Shipping and compliance labeling
  • Data integration with ERP and WMS systems
  • Automated routing through assembly, paint shop and other production operations
  • Shipment labeling and other logistics applications

Chemical Industry

  • Long-lasting label/ribbon combinations
  • Withstand harsh environments for extended periods of time
  • Identify potentially hazardous product containers
  • NEPA Hazard Labels
  • Chemical Drum Labels


  • Maintaining goods inventories
  • Assembling
  • Sorting
  • Breaking bulk and handling
  • Refrigeration
  • Shipping and Delivery
  • Removable Shelf/Bin/Tote Labels
  • Rough Surface Identification Labels
  • Outer Pack/Container Labels
  • Compliance Shipping
  • Recyclable Label Stock


  • High resolutions barcoding of circuit boards
  • Serial plates
  • Product identification labels
  • UL-recognized/CSA-accepted solutions
  • Tamper evident labels
  • Self-laminating piggyback labels for harsh environments

Hospital or Lab

Whether you are in the lab, the pharmacy or at the bedside, our barcode and RFID hospital labeling solutions help improve patient safety and workflow processes to improve patient care.

  • Lab specimen tracking
  • Patient identification
  • Point of care
  • Employee vaccination tracking
  • Wristbands
  • Test tube labels
  • Slide labels
  • Blood bag labels
  • Sterilization labels


  • Make all types of logistics operations highly automated and efficient with bar code and RFID smart label printers, including mobile and wireless models
  • Create employee ID and visitor badges with easy-to-use desktop printers
  • Efficiently meet record keeping and data recording requirements by using bar codes and smart labels to track files, evidence, property, IT equipment, and other assets
  • Take advantage of Zebra’s comprehensive solutions for healthcare to create secure patient wristbands, track equipment and supplies, improve inventory management and security in the pharmacy, and ensure patient safety with unit-of-use pharmaceutical labeling
  • Create security and tracking programs for all personnel, visitors, and equipment with our wide range of printers for creating asset tracking tags, shipment protection, component ID labels, location labels for guard tour and unattended check-in/check-out applications, document authentication, and more


  • Curbside check-in
  • Tableside order entry and bill payment
  • Guest meal and room charge tracking
  • Security card encoding
  • Membership card encoding
  • Patron loyalty cards
  • Remote ticket printing for games and lotteries
  • Entertainment tickets and access passes

Law Enforcement

  • Tag evidence at the scene with permanent, accurate, tamper-proof labels from mobile bar code printers.
  • Apply bar code labels to samples and forms files for streamlined case management and automated data entry.
  • Use mobile printers to replace hand-written parking tickets and eliminate transcription and data entry at headquarters.
  • Save time in inventory and asset management by applying bar code labels to tools and equipment for lifetime tracking.
  • Create tamper-proof employee ID badges with photos, bar codes, magnetic stripes, wireless chips and other security features to restrict access to property rooms, holding areas and other locations. Easy-to-use desktop ID card and wristband printing systems make it convenient to use electronic security systems for access control, staff identification, and inmate management.
  • Use RFID smart label printers to create wireless prisoner ID wrist and ankle bands. Readers can be integrated with databases for contact-free identification, prisoner photo and record retrieval, and linked to automatic locks and alarms.

Life Sciences/Health Services

  • Provide unit-of-use coding with RSS
  • Identify lab samples and ensure accurate test data entry
  • Accurately track clinical trial supplies
  • Improve medical device and pharmaceutical production
  • Aid compliance with FDA labeling and product traceability requirements
  • Improve quality and reduce costs of prescription labels
  • Track patient records, drug dispensing, medical supplies, and equipment
  • Streamline admissions and patient data entry
  • Improve security for people, facilities, and equipment
  • Identify and track blood bags


  • Reliable printers to create all types of bar code shipping labels
  • Mobile printers for re-labeling incoming materials at the receiving dock for fast redistribution
  • Software to automatically generate shipping labels and manage customer compliance formats
  • RFID smart labels for asset, container, and returns management
  • Two-dimensional bar codes for advanced sorting and delivery applications
  • Software that integrates shipping operations with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to optimize carrier and delivery planning and customer notification
  • Wireless printers for unattended, real-time management and control
  • Wireless printers for unattended, real-time management and control


  • Part marking and identification
  • Compliance labeling
  • Error-proofing
  • Inventory and warehouse management
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Picking and Kitting
  • Reduce raw materials inventory
  • Automate item flow through different production processes
  • Deliver work instructions for mixed model assembly lines
  • Automatically track work in process
  • Perform automated testing and quality control steps
  • Comply with traceability requirements
  • Conduct efficient, targeted recalls
  • Improve materials, distribution, and logistics planning


Whether you are in the lab, the pharmacy or at the bedside, our barcode and RFID hospital labeling solutions help improve patient safety and workflow processes to improve patient care.
  • Prescription printing and unit dose labeling
  • Deploy our labeling solutions to record, track and trace all mail-order pharmacy requests from prescription bottles to IV bags


  • Conduct 100% accurate shelf-price audits and item re-labeling with wireless mobile printers that communicate with the master price database in real-time.
  • Serve customers faster with line-busting mobile transactions systems for point-of-sale and returns processing
  • Do your own RFID label printing to take advantage of “smart shelves” and other advanced inventory management and security techniques.
  • Manage DSD vendors more quickly and efficiently with Zebra’s unique wireless DEX communications interface.
  • Fulfill web and catalog orders fast and accurately with shipping label printers and software that seamlessly interface with enterprise applications.
  • Create customized customer loyalty cards and secure gift cards on demand with easy-to-use desktop card printing systems.
  • Use card printers for employee ID cards for automated time recording and access control systems.
  • Re-label items at receipt and generate transfer and return labels with our shipping and receiving printing solutions.
  • High-Volume Retail
  • Material Handling
  • Seasonal
  • Markdowns
  • Merchandising
  • Distribution Centers
  • Shelf Labeling
  • Point-of-Sale

Rubber and Plastic Manufacturing

  • Product identification labels for curved surfaces
  • UL-recognized/CSA-accepted labels
  • Removable labels
  • Aggressive labels suitable for labeling a wide variety of surfaces, including plastics and rubber
  • Resistant to dirt, oil and alcohol


  • Plastic card printers create ID cards and security badges with text, graphics, signature scans, holographs, and photographic images on plastic cards.
  • Add bar codes, magnetic stripe encoding, smart card programming, and even biometrics for increased levels of personalization and security.
  • Use bar code and RFID label printers to track, secure, and authenticate assets, files, and documents.
  • Improve security with convenient, desktop card and label printing systems, including specialty tamper-evident supplies.


  • Rugged mobile printers create receipts, service records, inspection labels, and other reports in the field and save subsequent data entry and processing.
  • ID card systems control access to unattended depots or remote equipment.
  • Bar code and RFID smart label printers create lifetime asset identification labels for automated tracking, asset management, inventory control and self-service equipment checkout applications.
  • Software tracks assets and integrates service and maintenance operations with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) applications.


  • Desktop printers that can produce crisp images, bar codes, and security marks on durable ticket stock
  • Smart label printers for hands-free fare collection systems
  • Card printers for creating employee identification and access control cards plus passenger passes or frequent travel cards
  • Label printers for baggage claim tickets and baggage tracking labels
  • Mobile and wireless printers for mobile ticket sales and processing


  • Label goods at the receiving dock with wireless and mobile printers
  • Share information among inventory, shipping, customer service, and billing applications with integration software
  • Label items, racks, and shelves to automate picking and put-away with forklift-mounted and wearable printers
  • Easily generate shipping labels with a complete range of software and printer options
  • Identify, route and manage pallets, bins and shipping containers without human intervention with RFID smart labels
  • Efficiently manage reverse logistics by labeling returns in the field with mobile printers
  • Track inventory, invoice on the spot, and issue receipts with route accounting solutions
  • Utilize wireless solutions to support printing wherever it’s needed in the warehouse


  • Mobile printers for mail carriers and delivery drivers to sell postage, issue delivery receipts, collect payments and label parcel pick-ups.
  • RFID smart label printers for express parcel security and track-and-trace applications.
  • Reliable, compact countertop printers for creating receipts, mailing labels and postage marks.
  • Mobile transaction systems for queue-busting in retail operations.
  • High duty cycle industrial printers to meet all depot printing needs.
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