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The Perfect Companion for your RETSOL Labels, Tags & all brand printers.

Not all thermal ribbons are created equal. There are hundreds of different ribbon formulations in the market. That is why RETSOL’s Supplies R&D Team has tested and selected only those ribbons that deliver the best print quality and durability.

To get the RETSOL name, each ribbon must pass a series of print quality and durability tests. These tests include evaluating:

  • Material Compatibility - To ensure proper adhesion of the ribbon to a wide range of materials
  • Environmental Performance - The level of resistance to chemicals, outdoor exposure & abrasion
  • Print Speed Performance - Performance at high print speeds
  • Complex Label Format Performance -Performance at 600 dpi and when printing small font sizes, intricate regulatory symbols, and rotated barcodes
  • Ribbon Back coating Build-up - We measure the amount of back coating build up on the print head to ensure minimal print head impact

Unlike some competitors, RETSOL never substitutes ribbons. You receive the same formulation every time you order, ensuring consistent print quality and durability in your application.

RETSOL ribbons are compliant with indirect food contact regulations. In addition, all Wax/Resin and Resin ribbons are UL-certified with specific RETSOL materials.

When you purchase RETSOL thermal ribbons you can rest assured that the:

  • Print will be readable and scannable every time
  • Print will withstand the environment in which it will be used in
  • Back coating will not cause premature print head failure
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